I have been photographing weddings since 2009, during this time I managed to visit the most incredibly beautiful venues in Switzerland.

I decided to make photo review of different locations for the future brides.

Now you can find the description of locations by tags: #chloestudio_venues #chloestudio_weddings

Landgasthof Halbinsel Au – hotel and restaurant overlooking of the Lake Zurich, suitable for ceremonies and banquets, can accommodate a large numbers of guests, up to 600 people.

Pros – beautiful location, the ceremony is held in the shade of trees, there are several halls for the celebration.

Cons – parking is small (giving that there are other weddings are taking place at the same time), consider as well the traffic from Zurich.

Photo 05.09.19, 09 44 18
Photo 05.09.19, 09 44 24