All pictures are in the best quality (without logo), including basic retouch (contrast, color, sharpness). They will be available for download in the online gallery or on a USB stick.

The price includes travel costs to Basel, Zurich, Bern and Lucerne (Packages from 8 hours, 80 km).

the overtime is 260 CHF

Weddingalbum - Size 30 * 30 cm,
Premium quality (UV and waterproof protection), 40 pages (20 spreads) - 600 CHF


All day Photoservice 2600 CHF

8 Hours Photoservice 1700 CHF

6 Hours Photoservice 1500 CHF

4 Hours  Photoservice  1050 CHF

3 Hours  Photoservice 800 CHF

1 Hour  Photoservice 350 CHF

second Photographer 800 CHF

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Family and children photography 2,5 hours 600 CHF

Portrait photography 1 hour 350 CHF

Headshots, business portrait 30 minutes 150 CHF

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How many pictures are provided?

I shoot about 50 pictures per hour. The number of pictures depends on the package.

All images have basic adjustments (contrast, color, sharpness). You get all the pictures in the best quality, in full size, without additional payments.

How long it will take to get our pictures ready?

You will receive access to the online gallery within 4 weeks of the wedding. After that, it takes a month to deliver the album.

Do you have a contract?

My business is registered, I pay taxes and handle all the paper work.
To book the date you have to sign the contract and pay 30% down payment of the photography service.

What makes your photo album so special?

I offer my customers the best service. My premium album has the top quality. I bring it to you from Portugal, where it is specially made for you. There is no similar product on the market in Switzerland. It lasts forever! The colors and materials do not loose their quality over time. The album is waterproof and with UV protection, colors do not fade and it has a very strong binding, so that the sides do not fall apart. The choice of materials is incredible: from genuine leather to silk and linen.

For how many hours do I need a wedding photographer?

2-3 hours are optimal for the civil wedding or for the engagement. The 6 hour package is often chosen for the wedding with the apero.

With change of location the time flies very fast.

Do we have to provide for you a meal?

It is recommended if you want to save time. But it is not obligated.

Can you photograph for 1 hour and 30 minutes?

The charge for photography service is per hour

Do you have a backup camera?

For sure! I have a back up camera, different lenses, extra batteries - all to save your photos.

Can we publish our images in a wedding magazine?

Commercial use of the images is prohibited for the client and for the photographer, unless both parties have a documented agreement.